HR policy

SFL operates in an ever-changing commercial property market that faces challenges from a complex and constantly developing economic, technical and regulatory environment.

That’s why, when designing office development projects, we pay particular attention to new working practices that are transforming the corporate landscape, such as shared workspaces, working on the move, high rates of employee mobility and an ever-increasing need for flexibility.

As a result, we are rethinking the layout of workspaces and looking at property development projects from not only a cost-reduction point of view but also in terms of how we can contribute to the comfort and well-being of employees.

Against this backdrop, all of our in-house skills become absolutely vital, as does expert management of our business segments to ensure they are aligned with our predetermined strategies.

Developing skills and attracting and retaining talent are the key challenges underlying SFL’s human resources policy.

To encourage our employees’ professional growth and co­mmitment, SFL has implemented a remuneration poli­cy aimed at bringing together all of its stakeholders (executives, employees, shareholders, etc.) into a single, coordinated interest group in which each individual contributes to the company’s results and increase in value. The policy covers basic salary, bonuses, employee savings schemes (non-discretionary and discretionary profit­sharing plans, employee savings plan and group pension savings plan), and share ownership.

Because developing our organisation is also about developing company-wide knowledge, our goal is to transform SFL’s knowledge capital into a true competitive advantage.

Each year, SFL devotes 2-3% of total payroll to training programmes as part of initiatives designed to promote employee ski­lls acquisition and development.

Health, safety and well-being are key factors in making SFL a great place to work. With this in mind, these criteria have been fully inte­grated into our human resources policy, inde­pendently of any legal obligations.

Lastly, we have reaffirmed both our ple­dge to reject any and all forms of discrimination and our commitment to promote equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace.