Environmental performance

Designing sustainable office environments

The unmatched carbon emissions performance of SFL properties – due in large part to their convenient location in relation to the Paris public transport network – can now be measured. Thanks to high-quality upgrades and efficient management techniques, the consolidated energy intensity of SFL’s portfolio of revenue-generating properties stands at around 184,4 kWh/sq.m/year in 2023.

Greenhouse gas emissions per sq.m of buildings managed by SFL in kg of CO2 equivalent/sq.m/year 6,7 in 2023

Four indicators to drive continuous improvement

­Four environmental performance indicators have been introduced to measure and manage energy and water use, waste production and recycling, and building greenhouse gas emissions.

Data collection methods are being upgraded by broadening the scope of both measurement (to determine energy use by destination) and reporting (by exchanging data with clients in single-tenant buildings). The entire process is designed to obtain the last few percentage points of improvement, which are always the hardest to secure.