SFL embodies an innovative vision for office property in the heart of Paris

Leader in the prime Parisian office segment, Société Foncière Lyonnaise has a unique offering of centrally-located properties in the capital’s Central Business District and Western Crescent. The quality of these assets resonates with the expectations of a highly demanding clientele, who recognise that the right location offers a contemporary office environment, motivates employees and showcases the company’s image.

Meeting the ambitious goal of serving the very exacting prime rental market by offering the best buildings in Paris requires specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market, its products, its customers and their business requirements.

With our talented partners in the fields of architecture, design, hotel amenities, sociology of work and energy efficiency, we can boldly transform a building, both in its structure and how it operates. This pure-player strategy enables us to offer tenants premium workspaces unlike any others in the capital.

Reinvented and beautified, each building becomes a matchless ecosystem of offices that are outstanding both in the quality of their amenities on offer and in their ability to accommodate the latest trends in working and the workplace.