Edouard VII


Edouard VII

Built on a 1.5-hectare plot, the Haussmann-style Édouard VII complex is located in the heart of one of Paris's liveliest neighbourhoods. The property's surroundings and distinguished architectural style – the result of extensive remodelling – make it an outstanding showcase.

Following on from the installation of colourful rue Édouard VII store façades, which instilled a modern, attractive feel to the entire complex, a programme to replant the interior courtyards and upgrade the passages was conducted to support the business centre’s move upmarket.


Space available

Location Space available Availability Contact
Indpt building
3 place Edouard VII
2972 sqm Immediatly Contact
  • Location : Indpt building
    3 place Edouard VII
    Space available : 2972 sqm
    Availability : Immediatly