Quality of life

Properties designed to enhance users’ well-being

Our vision is to reinvent tenant relationships by forging a privileged partnership with each one, listening to what they have to say and responding more effectively to their needs. A satisfaction survey has enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs, fine-tune our strategy and further improve the quality of life of our buildings’ users

Providing an exceptional quality of life to employees of the world’s most successful companies is one of our key goals. By offering pleasant, user-friendly workspaces, architecturally appealing buildings, a high-quality urban, retail and cultural environment, and an array of amenities, we help to optimise the working conditions of our tenants and users.


Flexibility, performance and the virtuous circle

From initial investment to tenant move-in, all of our building transformation and improvement decisions are designed to produce sustainable, intelligent, aesthetically pleasing solutions. Our office buildings and business centres integrate innovative technologies, latest-generation materials and effective energy management systems that deliver superior operating efficiency, while offering the widest possible range of design and layout options. Thanks to this outstanding flexibility, we can meet our tenants’ expectations and limit the potential risk of building obsolescence.

Special attention is also paid to biodiversity issues in each office complex, despite the dense, compact urban environment.

100% of SFL's major renovation and redevelopment projects include access facilities for people with reduced mobility

Improving disabled access

In line with our commitment to improving access to our properties for people with reduced mobility, this objective has been included in the specifications for every redevelopment project.