A robust environmental performance

SFL established its credentials as a pioneer when it obtained the first HQE® environmental certification for a freestone building in 2009. Since then, the Group has systematically sought multiple, high-level environmental certifications for all of its large-scale redevelopment projects:

  • HQE® Sustainable Building Passport: minimum level of “Excellent”
  • BREEAM: minimum level of “Very Good”
  • LEED: minimum level of “Gold”

Certified assets

­Today, all of the revenue-generating properties have been certified to BREEAM In-Use International (BIU) standard, Part 1 (Asset performance) and Part 2 (Building management performance). Constructive discussions are underway with tenants to add Part 3 (Occupier management) certification. The Washington Plaza business centre, already BIU-certified for Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, won the 2015 BREEAM® Award in the “BREEAM Offices In-Use” category. The major redevelopment projects, like #cloud.paris, have also been awarded the BREEAM® New Construction, LEED® and HQE® labels.

100% of the revenue-generating properties are certified to BREEAM In-Use International standard